Our School

MISSION & VISION: The mission of P.S.35X is to develop a community of learners who are prepared for college and careers. We are committed to creating a socially and intellectually safe environment of racial equity that would ensure proficiency for all students. Our teachers demonstrate knowledge of content through planning and implementation of rigorous tasks and questions in order to close the achievement gap. We equip our teachers with training on culturally responsive education and implementation of social emotional strategies as we aim to reach the needs of the whole child. Our vision is aligned to the District 9 PRIDE vision to provide students with a pupil-centered, rigorous and responsive education that is interactive, diverse and engaging.  We envision a community of confident learners prepared to think critically and face the challenges of an ever-changing society.

INSTRUCTIONAL FOCUS: Our goal is to improve instruction through effective assessment practices and discussion. By using questioning and discussion techniques and assessment practices, our students will develop their vocabulary and writing skills.

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